Gaining confidence

I watched a show on Belgian TV in which the Chinese concert pianist Lang Lang was asked if being able to play a piano concerto faultlessly is possible because of hard work or talent. He conceded that talent and inclination were of course prerequisite conditions. He flexed his fingers and said: ‘I just practiced for three hours on the piano and my fingers feel really soft and nimble now.’ He pinched his rather pudgy fingers tenderly. ‘This feeling in my fingers gives me confidence. I can play anything now without any difficulty.’ He went on to say that it was like digging for gold and finding a vein. The harder you dig, the deeper you can penetrate into the vein till a whole mountain of gold opens up for you. I know that this is the same for me. The work I did in the last couple of years as a Urban Sketcher under all circumstances and anywhere at all has made it able for me to feel confident. I know I can sustain a production of drawings that is enough to compose a graphic novel from. The only doubt I had was access. I didn’t want to have to spent ten days scratching the surface not being able to get to any vein at all. On the plane to Agadir we discussed a plan B.

© Peti Buchel