Car rental

Al Massira is the airport of Agadir and the airport closest to Iligh our destination. As soon as we were through the entry formalities Bert went to the Avis desk while I was waiting for my suitcase. Ibrahim of Avis remembered us well after a little prod Bert gave him. He is a very cheerful and friendly person. I had ordered a Hyunda i10 a car in the cheapest A bracket. I had already had a notification from Avis that the car was waiting for us. That boded well. Often enough the cars in the A bracket aren’t available on demand and you are obliged to take an up scale car which means extra costs. On the Internet the car was priced at about Euro 350,- for 10 days. Ibrahim showed us what was included. I decided I wanted to get full cover insurance. That was a whopping Euro 300,- extra. But hey, how about when somebody backs into the rental at a carpark and we aren’t there? It had happened to me before. It was already getting dark outside by the time the formalities were done with and Ibrahim was bringing us to the Hyunda. The call to prayer sounded over the carpark and cats were hunting between the car tires. A thick layer of sand covered the new looking four door hatchback. Four doors for such a small car! The boot held after some fitting and shoving our two small suitcases and nothing else. The Hyunda proved to be a delightful little car. Excellent for the crowded streets in the towns, comfortable on the narrow and bumpy country roads and strong enough for the steep mountainsides of the Anti Atlas.

© Peti Buchel