Itinerary for the next visit to Iligh

Bert and I are still very unsure about situations we would meet in Iligh, things to do and which direction the Graphic Story should take. There are a number of angles we could pursue. Should we tell about the general history of the chiefdom, concentrate on the Dutch angle with Michiel De Ruyter, or focus on the Jewish history of the place and the possible connection between the Sephardic community in Amsterdam and Iligh in the 17th century? And then there was the format of the Graphics itself. Which way image and text could be used together? We had the idea that Bert would do the interviews and view the documents and that I would make as many drawings as possible. But we didn’t even know how welcome we were. Aisha had indicated that we would be welcome to stay in the compound where her parents lived. But would they be there? We decided to rent a car so we would be independent. At least we would be able to travel between the nearest town Tiznit and Iligh every day. In case we had to take a hotel. But most important of all: we had a lot of fun making up the itinerary.

© Peti Buchel