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Achill Writers Group

Ted Lavelle’s Pub, venue, auctioneers and funeral home: home of the Achill Writers Group

The Achill Writers Group meets in a small room next to Ted lavelle’s pub. It has a table in the middle with enough chairs to accommodate all of us. The rest of the furniture is subject to regular change. At the moment there are two sideboards of questionable taste. I think the upright piano is still there although I’m not sure. A model of a Curragh and a Galway Hooker are wont to move around the room. One never knows where to find them next. Important in the decoration are also a number of forever changing nick-knacks. It is always a surprise what will liven up the windowsill. On the walls are a number of framed newspaper pages of Pious and Republican interest. Across from the large picture window hangs a framed poster of the island of Ireland covered in family names and heraldic emblems. Due to the large seventieth style window frame we would have sat for public exposition but fortunately the window is hung with printouts of properties the auctioneer has on offer. We are shielded from the public eye by a paper curtain so to speak. I always wanted to make a sketch of the ambiance the AWG finds so inducive to creativity. The chance came chance  when the exercise was to write about ‘home’. I had already closed the laptop so I took out my pen and sketchpad instead.

Anne Shannon

Anne Shannon one of the founding members of the Achill Writers Group reads her homework.

The aim of the Achill Writers Group is to create a stimulating environment for writing and for presenting writings. A title is set to be written at home. It can be a short story, poem, essay or even a rant. During the meeting everybody reads their work to the group. There is no criticism only encouragement. After the reading there is a writing exercise. The meeting lasts for two hours.

Het doel van de Achill Writers Group is om een omgeving te creëeren die stimulerend is om in te schrijven en werk te presenteren. Een titel is gegeven die de lading moet dekken van een kort verhaal, een gedicht, een stuk of desnoods een klaagzang. Tijdens de bijeenkomst leest ieder z’n eigen werk voor. Er wordt geen kritiek geleverd, alleen aanmoedigingen. Na het voorlezen van de stukken wordt een schrijfoefening gegeven. De bijeenkomst duurt 2 uur.



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